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If you have a ready market for a product but no factory, you might have it created at someone else’s.

Nowadays, companies are realizing that it does not make sense to do both—manufacture as well as market. To concentrate on only one area, they opt for a loan license service.

Loan License & Third Party Manufacturing 

A loan license is a type of permission that a licensing board may grant to an applicant who does not have a manufacturing contract but wants to use a licensee’s manufacturing facilities on form 25 or form 28.

Loan licensing requires two parties: one is a marketing company, and the second one is a manufacturing company. When it comes to loan licensing, the marketing business can use its name at the manufacturing site, but the address will be that of the manufacturer’s company premises. It resembles third-party production but differs in a few ways. You can use the terms “marketed by address” and “manufactured by the name” in loan licensing to represent your business.

Third-party manufacturing is the term used for getting manufactured products from a pharmaceutical manufacturer. This is a simple process that requires very little documentation and formalities. Suppose, if you’re a manufacturer who doesn’t have the approval to manufacture for a certain product, you’ll contract a pharma manufacturer to make products under your brand name and market them under your address.

We, Zenes Biotech are a unique brand in the business since we deliver the best quality Pharma Loan License/Third Party Manufacturing Service to our valued clients. The provided service is delivered in the most professional manner possible. With the proper licenses, our clients can also use our facilities to manufacture their products. What kind of assistance they required, our staff will be there to help. Our clients may benefit from our expertise in obtaining high-quality products, which will help them develop a market reputation.

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